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New York is at a tipping point. Rising crime, rising costs of living and rampant corruption in politics has forced many to leave the state they once thrived in. Democrats ith so much at stake for all Americans, it is our duty to promote independent minded candidates who will inspire, educate, and protect their constituents. It is the most imperative duty of an elected official to uphold and defend the freedoms that define America. Our children are watching, let us lead by example to inspire a generation of proud, politically educated Americans. Join Freedom Council to take action, the future of our nation depends on it. 


  America is at a tipping point politically...  


The division set forth by partisan politics only makes us weaker as a nation. Politicians are elected to defend and protect their constituents individual liberties. Unfortunately, too many of our elected officials are catering to radical ideology that lessens our socioeconomic and individual freedoms- all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

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