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 Our Chairman: 
Governor George E. Pataki 


Governor George Pataki, served as the 53rd Governor of the state of New York from 1995 to 2006. During his three terms in office, Governor Pataki made significant contributions to the state, focusing on fiscal responsibility, economic growth, job creation and guided that state's recovery efforts after the September 11th attacks. 

Governor Pataki's tenure was marked by his commitment to balancing the state's budget and reducing taxes. He implemented sound fiscal policies that led to significant tax cuts, making New York a more business-friendly state and stimulating economic growth. Under his leadership, the state experienced a period of sustained economic expansion, attracting new businesses and creating numerous job opportunities for New Yorkers.

In addition to his focus on economic development, Governor Pataki was dedicated to safeguarding New York's natural resources and preserving its environmental heritage. He established innovative programs to protect the state's air and water quality, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. His efforts resulted in the creation of the largest open-space preservation program in the history of New York, preserving over one million acres of land for future generations.

Furthermore, Governor Pataki demonstrated strong leadership in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. His steady and compassionate response united New Yorkers in a time of crisis, and he played a pivotal role in rebuilding Lower Manhattan and revitalizing the city's economy. His commitment to the safety and resilience of New York City and the entire state earned him respect and admiration from both sides of the political spectrum.

As a C4 political action committee, Freedom Council USA is dedicated to supporting candidates who embody the principles of freedom, prosperity, and strong governance. Governor Pataki's tenure as New York's governor exemplifies these values, and he is now seeking fellow Republicans who share his vision for a prosperous and secure New York.

Under Governor Pataki's leadership, we witnessed the transformation of our state into an economic powerhouse, attracting businesses, creating jobs, and empowering our citizens. His commitment to fiscal responsibility and lower taxes has paved the way for success and growth. 

Now, more than ever, we need Republican candidates who can inspire voters with their vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to fixing New York State. Freedom Council USA, as a C4 political action committee, will support and amplify the platforms of exceptional candidates who will make New York a safer, more affordable place. With our resources, experience, and networks, we can help you make a lasting impact in your community and secure a prosperous future for New York.

Join us in shaping the future of New York. Let us work together to inspire voters, make our state safe and resilient, and lead New York to a brighter tomorrow.

As Chairman of Freedom Council USA, Governor Pataki aims to support Republican Candidates in New York City and State wide elections.

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